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Manzil Healthcare Jobs 2022 UAE Dubai

Manzil Healthcare Jobs: Business Development Executives can find work with Manzil Healthcare Services in Dubai, UAE. This company hires men and women from all over the world to work in Manzil Healthcare Services offices or as partners with clients abroad to meet the healthcare needs of underserved populations. Also, apply for DE LA RUE Jobs UAE

All positions come with attractive salaries and benefits packages that make it easy for employees to do well, no matter what position they choose to start in, so go for it! Get in touch with the experts at Manzil Healthcare Services Jobs right away if you want to find out more about how their skills can help you grow or solve short-term problems by giving reliable care now.

Manzil Healthcare Jobs 2022-Business Development Executive Dubai, UAE:

The most desirable jobs in Manzil Healthcare Services are Manzil Healthcare Services. The Business Development Executive Position for 2022-2023 at Manzil Healthcare. Services have been posted on the Jobs site. On the Manzil Healthcare Services Recruitment site. You can apply online if you have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field and have the required experience. Also, apply for power group jobs

Dubai is the place of this Business Development Executive Position. Salary is between 3500 and 1500 AED per month. Manzil Healthcare Services Below are details about this Business Development Executive Position’s job description, including the Job Request Number, the Job Location, the Education Background, the Required Age, the Salary, and the Benefits. Before you apply, you should check everything.

Manzil Healthcare Services Job Summary Manzil Healthcare Servicesding to Manzil Healthcare Services Careers Site

  • Company: Manzil Healthcare Services
  • Post Name: Business Development Executive
  • Job Address: Dubai, UAE
  • Category: Hospital Jobs Dubai
  • Salary/Package: AED 3500.00-15000.00/ Month
  • Timing: Full-Time


The Business Development Executive (BDE) is in charge of promoting and selling programs and services offered by Manzil Health. Working under the direction of the Marketing and Business Development Manager, the BDE’s main goal will be to increase the number of patients by building relationships with referral sources and the different communities/stakeholders that make up Manzil’s target market. The BDE supports Manzil’s goal of being the top provider of home health care in the UAE. Works with the Marketing and Business Development Team to carry out the program’s goals and objectives.

Is a representative of Manzil Health Care Services who works hard and knows what they’re talking about. Spends 90% of their time outside of the office working with referral providers, community healthcare organizations, and consumers. They spend 10% of their time in the office coordinating and helping to plan B2B and B2C initiatives. The Marketing and Business Development Manager will tell the BDE what reports to fill out each week and each month.

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Promotes existing Manzil Health services and activities to grow patient volume and income.
  • Develops and implements customer-focused activities and services in targeted communities.
  • Helps promote Manzil’s initiatives and services.
  • Handles incoming patient service inquiries about appointment scheduling and clinical team coordination.
  • Represents Manzil Health in health-related community meetings. Maintains and builds community healthcare contacts.
  • Responsible for achieving sales targets and KPIs.
  • Maintains a database of consumer and referral provider contacts, including government and private healthcare providers, major hospital contacts, associations, and local healthcare activists.
  • Market and competitive intelligence.
  • Prepares and provides monthly/weekly reports to the Marketing & Business Development Manager, and maintains records on all sales outreach activities and outcomes, including new business or patient inquiries/referrals.
  • As requested, writes proposals. Scope of work, purpose, intended audience, itemized expenses, and estimated revenue for event sponsorship.
  • Assists Marketing & Business Development team with community events, such as mall activities, health fairs, healthcare conferences, pledge walks, etc.
  • Builds loyal external and internal customer relationships.
  • Team-oriented and adaptable. Recognizes and honors others’ contributions, develops and shares self-awareness, listens, and consults others.
  • Takes initiative, acts with confidence and works independently, begins and generates activity.


Communication – This dimension involves successfully conveying patient, caregiver, staff, and other needs to deliver exceptional care and services. Personal & People Development – This component is about developing oneself and others via work. Structured ways (e.g. assessment and development review, mentoring, professional, clinical supervision) or informal and ad hoc methods (allowing people to tackle new difficulties and appropriate delegation) may be used.

Health Safety & Security — This dimension focuses on maintaining and supporting the health, safety, and security of everyone in the organization or who comes in contact with it directly or by its actions. It comprises moving and handling as normal chores. Service improvement focuses on enhancing services for users and the public as a whole. Services may be for the public (patients, clients, and carers) or for the organization’s smooth operation (such as finance, estates)

This dimension focuses on sustaining high quality in every work and practice, including successful teamwork. Quality can be supported through codes of behavior, evidence-based practice, guidelines, standards, and systems. This dimension helps organization governance (clinical, corporate, financial, information, staff, etc.). Equality & Diversity – Everyone must promote equality & diversity. Equality and diversity are everyone’s actions and obligations – service users like patients, clients, and carers; coworkers; employees; and the public in general.

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