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Food & Beverage Manager Jobs 2022 in Minor Hotels Dubai, UAE

Food & Beverage Manager Jobs: Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. There are many reasons why someone would want to visit Dubai, but one of the main draws for many people in the city’s gorgeous beaches and year-round warm weather.

As such, there are countless hotels, resorts, and beach clubs located throughout Dubai that offer beach vacations to people from all over the world. And as many of these hotels are destination spots in their own right, they often need Food & Beverage Managers to ensure their guests have access to delicious food and drinks throughout their stay.

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Minor Hotels Jobs 2022 UAE:

Minor Hotels Jobs in Food & Beverage Management – View new Minor Hotels job opportunities in Dubai, UAE. Find government jobs in UAE on UAE hotels jobs. Seeking qualified hospitality professionals in Dubai? Prospective employees who are looking for Minor Hotels Careers Jobs in UAE. We want to tell them that many of these jobs are available right now on the Minor Hotels Careers site. You can take advantage of the available Minor Hotels Jobs in the recent job posting for your industry and network for the latest Minor Hotels Career opportunity.

You can look for job opportunities at Minor Hotels by looking at This way, you have access to their reliable employment database. If you’re wondering if you qualify for any of the job openings that Minor Hotels posts, use this page to find out.

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Food & Beverage Manager Jobs Dubai, UAE

  • Jobs in Minor Hotels UAE 2022
  • College-level Diploma holders are eligible for these jobs
  • Post is for Food and Beverage Manager
  • Only experienced persons’ CVs will be entertained
  • The location of the job posting is Dubai central
  • The minimum salary for this job is 8700 to 18600 AED Maximum

Jobs available: minor hotel positions such as the Manager of Food & Beverage and Host of rooms at the year 2022-2023 at the Minihotels. If you’re a college graduate and have relevant experience, Minor Hotels is looking for a Food & Beverage Manager. The job is in Dubai. Here is the Minor Hotel Job information as per requested, kindly check the salary as well: Minor hotels Job request number, Job Location, Educational background, necessary age, Salary, and benefits are listed below. Before filling out the application, read through the instructions.

Minor Hotels Jobs Details:

  • Company:- Minor Hotels
  • Job Title:- Food & Beverage Manager
  • Job Location:- Dubai, UAE
  • Job Type:- Hotel Jobs in UAE
  • Maximum Salary:- AED 8700.00-18600.00 Monthly
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Working Hours: Full-time
  • Posting Address: Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort

Food & Beverage Manager Job Description

Taking responsibility for the hotel’s food and beverage operation, my goal is to meet the company’s needs, the expectations of our customers, and the expectations of my coworkers. The Food and Beverage Manager’s job is to ensure customers are happy, maintain quality standards, keep employees performing at a high level, and meet the firm’s goals.

It is each employee’s responsibility to make sure that every guest at the hotel is satisfied with the quality, creativity, and variety of the hotel’s food and beverage offerings in every area of the hotel, as well as make sure that the hotel’s food and beverage is the hotel’s key selling point in its market.

Minimum Skills/Qualifications:

You need a college degree from an accredited university in Hotel Management or an equivalent subject. Possesses past experience in the food and beverage industry, in addition to managing restaurants and catering establishments. A leader with a keen eye for detail and a passion for teamwork. A reputation for having excellent guest service skills

Minor Hotels Jobs Application Process:

If you’re interested in applying for Food and Beverage Manager Jobs at Minor Hotels, you may do so by filling out your application form according to the information contained in the following paragraphs.
  1. Your first step should be to visit the official Minor Hotels website.
  2. If you’ve done this, now, please select the Jobs at Minor Hotels option.
  3. Afterward, you will be presented with a list of hotels in 2022.
  4. If you find an open position that matches your qualifications, you will be able to submit an application by clicking on it.
  5. We also invite you to use the direct link provided below to submit your application for this open position.
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Minor Hotels Cluster Manager of People & Culture Jobs Dubai, UAE:

Whether you’re in the market for your first hospitality job or have been in the industry for decades, you’ve probably noticed an increased emphasis on people culture in recent years. Hotels are moving away from a management approach that’s purely transactional and adopting more humanistic and inclusive methods to recruit, train, and retain their workforce.

And it makes sense: customers care less about staying at the fanciest hotel in town than they do about having an authentic experience with staff who treat them like human beings rather than dollar signs.

Minor Hotels Jobs Manager of People & Culture Details:

  1. Company:- Minor Hotels
  2. Job Title:- Cluster Manager of People & Culture
  3. Job posting:- Dubai, UAE
  4. Role:- Hotel Manager Jobs in UAE
  5. Package:- AED 7850.00-18670.00/ Mont

Job Key Responsibilities:


  • Assist in planning and forecasting the hotel manpower budget with the GM, DFC, and HOD.
  • Create a high-morale, learning-and-development-focused work atmosphere using Team Member Engagement Survey feedback.
  • Implement employee-efficient and -satisfactory methods and procedures.
  • Staff recruitment and performance evaluation/management.
  • Develop and implement an annual HR strategic plan that links department goals to unit strategy.
  • Training monitoring
  • Follow Minor Hotel Group’s code of conduct.

Operational department:

  • Interact daily with the GM & HODs on manpower planning, people development, and operational support.
  • Unit-level recruitment and selection. Maintaining databases.
  • Rationalize personnel use and the right size.
  • Implement employee satisfaction surveys, share results, and execute action plans.
  • Implement performance management/evaluations
  • Link employee rewards to Anantara’s values.
  • Ensure statutory and non-statutory HR compliance for company governance and UAE Labor legislation.
  • Coordinate all HR-related hotel tasks. Plan training and induction for all staff/new joiners with L&DM, cross-training, looking at lateral and vertical career progression, standard HR operating procedures of departments, audits, JMD, career planning, payroll monitoring, recruitment process, on-boarding, counseling, and disciplinary process.
  • Help departments/functions achieve functional excellence and leadership. Assist with cultural and organizational change. L&D inputs for unit activities and plans.
  • Support individual and team development, career development, training, and experience-based learning. Daily interaction with departmental/unit functional heads in people development, supporting operational departments.
  • As needed, support corporate objectives.
  • Assist the General Manager and department heads in-unit career development.
  • Visa coordination with PRO, accommodation audits.
  • Menu planning, national day celebrations, locker and restroom maintenance, and transport monitoring. Ensure staff wellbeing, sports, and yearly days are scheduled and executed.

Skills & Experience Required:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in HRM or another comparable field
  2. There should be a minimum of five years of success working in multinational companies.
  3. Skilled in communication and the ability to interact well with others.
  4. Able to speak English and able to use a computer.
  5. We’re talented in leading people and assisting in personal development.

How to Apply:

Candidates who are interested in the Cluster Manager of People & Culture jobs at Minor Hotels can fill out the application below.

  • In the first place, go to Minor Hotels’ website. Search minor hotel jobs.
  • Minor Hotels Jobs List 2022
  • Find a job by clicking the button labeled ‘Jobs’.
  • If you would like to apply, click the following link.

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